Our team

Cheek Pieces consists mainly of myself but with a back-up team of competent, committed and experienced advisors.

My background is as an accountant and that has meant I've have developed an analytical approach to betting. I hate losing money and if I thought I would lose in the mid to long term I would stop betting tomorrow.

Of course I have losing runs the same as everyone else but over a sustained period I know from past experience that I usually come out on top.

I keep records of all my betting, I have a separate bank account to back-up my records with 'cashflow' control.

I developed my methodical approach having spent many years recording 'paper profit' and reading numerous books by experienced punters (including Tom Segal, Dave Nevison, Clive Holt, Steve Palmer). I'm always happy to share advice and to learn new ideas and approaches. You have to be able to change and adapt. My racing life seen many changes: all weather racing, introduction of exchanges, abolition of 'betting tax', each-way name just a few.

I worked for one of the leading betting exchange customers for a while and that was an education in itself on how not to lose too much!

I'm now in a position to share my knowledge to help fellow punters and to receive feedback to help myself.


I read somewhere that the strike-rate of favourites is around one in three. If you are betting to level a stake and have a strike rate of 33% you need an average price of winners to be 2/1 just to break even. I have no statistics on the average price of favourites and I have no intention of finding out but I doubt it is above 2/1. I tend to have a lower strike rate - typically over 20% winners - but with averages prices in excess of 9/2.


Strike rate is inevitably related to prices, backing horses that are odds-on is likely to provide a strike rate of at least 50% (not enough for level stakes profit). As I'm operating outside the favourites range I expect a lower strike rate, longer losing runs but a better return on investment (ROI). For the 2014 turf flat season I averaged around 25% winners at 9/2, in 2015 I consciously targetted bigger prices and lower stakes which resulted in a drop to 19.5% winners but with an average price of over 7/1 - a better profit %. The averages for losers was 11/1 and 14/1 respectively and the longest losing run was 19 consecutive losers.  That type of losing run really does test your self-belief!

So...if it's medium term profit you're looking for or even just to stop losing...follow Cheek Pieces; if you want regular winners at < 2/1 then, with the greatest of respect, I would suggest you look elsewhere.


I do not usually bet each-way I leave it up to the individual to decide. Some punters like the security and fewer losing runs. However, the old adage that a 5/1 place is an evens winner is a myth. If you've bet each-way and the horse only places you have staked 2 points to win 1 that is a 2/1 ON winner. There are occasions when I might bet this way [see "Ducks In A Row" tab]


That should be enough info for you to decide, you may not want to know about statistics and markets but for the more curious (or sceptical) punter read on ... [see "Ducks In A Row" tab]




For the full year a profit of over 60 points at BSP which is particularly pleasing as in a majority of cases members were “getting-on” at better prices.


Strike Rate (SR) of almost one in four (above my target of one-in-five (2017: 21%)

POT = +13.0% (2017: +17.8%)

BSP Profit = +62.88 (2017: +78.9)


n.b. I have been proofing my selections to Racing Index since Cheltenham 2017 but please note that their records are for returns at SP/BSP* - I never advocate betting at SP. I'm only advising bets that I think have been over-priced. So their profit % does not reflect precisely what I've advised. You cannot post ante-post advice or include concessions on extra places. If I advise each-way bets to members I tend to proof them as win only, especially if I expect the SP to be significantly lower than the price I advise taking.





We have a private members club, they are the first to receive (and in fact is some cases give) betting advice, particularly regarding exploiting early prices. This is a private arrangement and is currently not avaialable to new members.