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Our team

Cheek Pieces consists mainly of myself but with a back-up team of competent, committed and experienced advisors.

My background is as an accountant and that has meant I've have developed an analytical approach to betting. I hate losing money and if I thought I would lose in the mid to long term I would stop betting tomorrow.

Of course I have losing runs the same as everyone else but over a sustained period I know from past experience that I usually come out on top.

I keep records of all my betting, I have a separate bank account to back-up my records with 'cashflow' control.

I developed my methodical approach having spent many years recording 'paper profit' and reading numerous books by experienced punters (including Tom Segal, Dave Nevison, Clive Holt, Steve Palmer). I'm always happy to share advice and to learn new ideas and approaches. You have to be able to change and adapt. My racing life seen many changes: all weather racing, introduction of exchanges, abolition of 'betting tax', each-way name just a few.

I worked for one of the leading betting exchange customers for a while and that was an education in itself on how not to lose too much!

I'm now in a position to share my knowledge to help fellow punters and to receive feedback to help myself.




We have a private members club, they are the first to receive (and in fact is some cases give) betting advice, particularly regarding exploiting early prices. This is a private arrangement and is currently not avaialable to new members.